I was told by my professor to "create a page for some group/hobby/team/class you are part of."  This activity gave me a giant headache, because I kept thinking about all the different concepts/activities/etc. that I could do.  The overwhelming amount of choices that I had was very daunting, and I did find difficulty on what to pick.  In the end, I chose to create a page that would celebrate my personality of being silly.  With all the paperwork, projects, and overall preparation I must do with this Master's Program, it can be very nerve-racking.  Which, is why I love that my professor said I could be silly and create a Facebook Fan Page of whatever I wanted.  So I decided why not create a Facebook Fan Page of one of my favorite shows, Revenge.  Revenge is not just an ordinary show, no, it is a uniter of some professional service providers within my district.  It gives us something to talk to each other about after school that does not revolve around our students.  So with that in mind, I created a Revenge Facebook Fan Page, and I hope that it not only brings laughs, but also a good grade!


Jessica Swinton

I have not seen this show yet! But I love that you created something fun as we all need a quick break here and there from school, work, etc. Will be sure to check out the show.


Never seen it, but my wife cannot get enough! And I trust her judgement so based on that I went ahead and 'liked' your page. By the way, really nice job on that. Really interactive for the visitors-something to like.


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