LinkedIn and Facebook are in a way, different sides of the same coin.  Both are social networking based, and allow you to add in: content about yourself, post pictures, add friends/connections, display past history, and can even interact with someone else’s profile.  However, it is how the websites use their similarities for different purposes which make it so interesting.  Facebook is very notorious for being a personal social networking site; the key word is “personal.”  Facebook is very informal, and normally people will post or share information that they would not want employers to know.  LinkedIn regarded as a professional social networking site, and again the main word is “professional.”  LinkedIn is like a big job interview and allows the user to put as much information as it relates to any professional job.  Employers have used LinkedIn to research a candidate for a job, and the site is much for engaging and interactive than a paper resume.  As with anything, it all depends on how you use the sites.  I find Facebook fun and amazing, but only for personal use.  An example is, when entering my district I found out many of my principals have Facebook accounts.  Not really knowing better, or anything about LinkedIn, I added them as friends, but at least put the principals on “limited access.”  Now instead of posting or sharing personal thoughts, I have to be careful as to what I post for any principal or higher up can see what I’ve said about my job or the district.  Unfortunately, I am unable to "unfriend" them either, as that would be rude.  If I would have known about LinkedIn, I think I would have used it instead, because LinkedIn would be more professional and allow me to separate personal from professional.  Since I have somewhat learned my lesson, here is the link to my LinkedIn professional profile.


Jaclyn McCoy
2/3/2013 06:09:28

I see that we used the same picture! haha I never really used LinkedIn before starting this class and I can see where it definitely looks more professional than Facebook. I also have noticed that administrators frown upon their employees having a Facebook account because of all the negative situations happening out there.


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