Microblogging reminds me of when I am highlighting your textbook, or underlining my notes- only the most important information.  If I need to condense a statement or thought to 140 characters or less, I need to make them count.  My professor asked me to reflect on microblogging in education/athletics, and that anything is fair game.

Here comes my amazing reflection to stun everyone, and make the world clap- microblogging is both good and bad.  As the old saying goes, a tool has the ability to create as well as destroy.  Microblogging when used properly, can be an asset to education.  I have seen documentaries of teachers utilizing Twitter to engage their students, and to have students respond to questions and discussions using Twitter.  I have seen students love Twitter, because their professor would post about a scheduling change or an update on what assignments are due.  Microblogging could be beneficial with athletics by posting: the start time of the game, location of the game, and  the current score.  Microblogging can be useful, and thoroughly appreciated by students/fans/etc., if utilized properly.  As stated before, microblogging is an efficient way to communicate the important  or condensed version of information a person wishes to communicate to others.

 I know I previously mentioned that microblogging could destroy education/athletics, and I am sure there must be people asking how that could happen.  "How can microblogging destroy something?"

Well I am a positive person, and try to shy away from such negatives; however, microblogging can be used for bad purposes.  As with anything cyber, it can lead to:  bashing, bullying, or being negative which can cause a ripple effect in any education/athletic forum.  For example, a teacher attempting to use Twitter with a class will not get very far if most of the students use Twitter inappropriately.  Or bullying a particular player of  a team, can lead to a negative impact of his/her playing with all these hateful microblogs in his/her head. 

I promise that everyone will find mostly positive and happy posts on my Twitter.  Follow me @kelleymk1986  If nothing else, it should be fun to try and see me write a microblog.
Monique Henderson
1/16/2013 12:21:54 pm

I have always been petrified of having a personal facebook page or using twitter. I hate negativity and people seem to get really bold from behind their computers. I did have to start a business account on facebook and it is linked to twitter. I focus on posting updates about my business and rarely post anything personal. The cyber world can be scary!


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