Professional networking is necessary in the majority of jobs and careers.  However, there are many different strategies a person can use to help get their “profile” or “name” around in a positive manner.  An example would be a PWP that is professional and is separate from any personal profile a person may have.  Profiles in EdJoin, LinkedIn, Monster, etc. help employers know about your resume and what jobs you are looking for.  Networking can help when getting supplies, donations, or help from other agencies or, in my specific case, county or other district aid.  By networking within key Adapted Physical Education departments, I am now on an emailing list with many other APE teachers around the county.  This helps with collaboration or if I need advice on how to help a student with their Physical Education class.  Networking can be done through technology (as stated) or through non-technological means such as: joining an organization, going to Happy Hour with co-workers from your school, helping out at school projects, etc.  There are many strategies in order for a person to get their name known for positive reasons.  My example is that I use technological and non-technological means to network.  I go to happy hour with co-workers from all the schools that are in the Special Education Department, I help out to set-up and clean-up after presentations made by my supervisor, I use my Facebook profile to publicize important events to any of the schools, and I make sure to say hi to all staff as much as possible.  I joined CTA, and the district’s RTA, CAPHERD, and go regularly to the National Adapted Physical Education Conference every year.  These organizations put me in touch with other equal or similar professionals that could help my career and teaching.  Currently I am enrolled in Fresno Pacific University; I am already collaborating with my classmates that reside all around this country.

2/1/2013 13:44:56

Hey Kelli,
There are all the standard ways to enhance your networking strategies, but I like some of the less obvious, but very effective ones, that you mention such as helping to set up and tear down, going to happy hours, and just simply saying 'hi' to everyone. Those things can go a long way in helping you get to know people and them getting to know you. Good call.
One of the first lessons I learned as a teacher was to spend time with the people in and around your school. I make sure that I always check in with our secretaries to see how they are doing. When I order our sports tshirts, I always order extra for our custodial and maintenance staff. I try to take care of them all the time and not just when I need something.

2/1/2013 13:48:06

Spelled your name wrong! Sorry! It's late... :)

James Kane
2/1/2013 20:57:23


Sounds like you're doing a lot of Networking and in different ways. Also, I like that you point out some of the things, like saying hello to others, that many people might do, but don't recognize as a networking strategy. It all has a social aspect to it, which is not a strength of mine, but I am working on it as I find that when I do put myself out there, it comes around in positive and unexpected ways.

2/2/2013 06:55:28

I agree that all the forms of networking that you talked about are so important. It might not see like a big deal to go out to happy hour with your department, but that's where strong connections can be made that carry over into the work place. The teams that I've worked with that were the most effective were those that had the best relationships. Sounds like you work really hard to network and be positive!

Derrick Jones
2/2/2013 14:46:09

Seems like you use technology quite a bit to get your "name" out there. And I think ones profession dictates how someone promotes their self. I prefer the word of mouth approach. Its very old school but a lot of my colleagues, like former coaches are still stuck in their old school ways. My colleagues would rather pick up the phone and call someone than log on to a computers.

On a side note. I always enjoy reading your post. Whether if I agree with you or not. I still find your post useful

Derrick Jones
2/2/2013 14:51:11

computer* not computers.

These comment blogs need a edit page if I make a mistake


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