Just watched an amazing youtube clip about living your life by playing to your strengths.  Marcus Buckingham is narrator, and describes what playing to your strengths mean.  In the clip, he goes through various "myths" that he claims hold us back from leading a life that emphasizes our strengths.  However, the most shocking "myth" is that we should not grow from our weakness but our strengths.  Confusing?  Let me try again.  Whenever a person is confronted with a weakness, be it math or lifting weights, he or she is told to "grow or improve."  Marcus explains that a person should "grow" from their strengths, and he gave a nice detailed explanation that made a lot of sense to me. 

Here is the link to watch, or click on the youtube logo below.  Just copy and paste to your browser -

It is with all this in mind, that I was asked to reflect and blog about two questions from my professor:

1) What are some situations where you feel you are in your "sweet spot?"
2)What are some areas where you feel you are totally out of your areas of strengths?

My amazing and thoughtful reflections:
1) I feel that when I am teaching Adapted Physical Education is when I am in my "sweet spot."  When a student able to master a skill or concept after many sessions of practicing, is an amazing feeling to have.  My favorite is when I see or hear about how a student took the skills I worked with him or her and applied it to PE/recess/lunch/etc.  It is in those moments where I feel happy, validated, and am in my sweet spot.  The ability to improve a student's life, no matter how small or insignificant, is an amazing feeling.  An example, is I had a student that wanted to play with others during recess/lunch but was so shy, he couldn't initiate a conversation.  I saw many peers playing basketball, and at the end of each class I made it so we practice basketball skills.  Once he became comfortable in his basketball skills, he went up to his peers randomly one day (no prompting from adults!) and asked if anyone of them would like to play basketball.  Now he has basketball friends that he plays with everyday, and they help him out during PE class when he seems confused on what to do.  Did I know that was the outcome that would happen when my student became better at basketball? No, but I had an idea that something similar like this would most likely happen.  It is during these moments, where I know how to help my students succeed besides their IEP goals, that I feel at my very best.

2)  Organization has always been an issue with me, and I fear will always be a weakness of mine.  I do try to become better at structure, but somehow I always end up with a disorganized mess.  Prioritizing is another weakness of mine, because unless it is urgent, I tend to do these out of order.  Both of these weakness are similar and overlap in function, but I do continue to try and improve so that my weaknesses get a little better everyday.

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1/15/2013 02:26:01 pm

Good job Kelley! You have some great thoughts on your blog.
You would never know that organization and prioritizing would be weaknesses, based on the set up of your site and the things you shared on the forums through week one. Seems like you have it under control so far...! :)
I look forward to getting to know you better throughout this course.

1/18/2013 08:15:32 pm

Your enthusiasm for Adapted P.E. is infectious! I’m currently working in a special education transition classroom in an Elementary School. I conduct two 45 minute motor skill/P.E. classes a week with the kids from my classroom. They also accompany their regular education Classroom to their scheduled P. E. classes once a week. As you must know, special needs students thrive off motor skill movement. A lot of times the kids just need to get up and move! My gym sessions have become reinforcers for the students and it gives them something to look forward too.


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