Technology is important to teaching in general, but I am a unique case with a very unique class.  I am currently an Adapted Physical Education Teacher, and I travel between 9 different schools with grades varying from Preschool to 8th grade.  This means that technology, though useful, can be a pain when transporting from school to school.  However, the technology I use the most is my IPod and IPod stereo "blast my tunes" as one adult put it.  Music is very dominant in all my classes, and I use music technology as much as possible.  I have music that range not only in gross motor skill levels, but subject integration (Math, History, etc) as well as it can incorporate different services (Occupational Therapy, Speech, Etc.) into my Adapted Physical Education class.

Technology will be useful in my future career, as an Adapted Physical Education Instructor for some Community College.  Just as I find podcasts useful to my own well-being as a student, I too will use them for my future classes.  Other technology that will be used are: Powerpoint Presentations, Online Discussion Forums, and the ability to blog about articles/research.  This current class has shown me how beneficial blogging and online discussions can be for students learning an unknown concept.
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Music and moving work hand in hand for me. If I'm listening in my car, you can bet I'm drumming on the steering wheel. At home its a little more fun. With 9 different schools to travel between you must get quite a bit of music time. It's special to think there is something like music which can inspire movement and a host of other things in addition to being something we share in terms of experience.


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    My name is Kelley Kill.  I'm 26 years old, and living within the San Francisco Bay Area.  Happily working as an Adapted Physical Education Teacher, and gleefully attempting to get my Masters in Kinesiology from Fresno Pacific University.


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