My first thought was, what is Web 2.0?  According to my professor, Web 2.0 is about how consumers can add/edit/participate with content that is given to other consumers.  Think Yelp or reviews on Amazon about a particular object.  That is what Web 2.o is all about, contributing to the content with our own knowledge and experiences.  This differs from Web 1.o, where the information would be solely from the creator/publisher/owner of the content that a person would be researching.  An example of this is Yelp and Starbucks.  In the past with Web 1.o, the only information would be given by the Starbucks company, but now with Web 2.o, a person can find out information (friendliness of staff, how clean it is, quick or slow service) from average customers like themselves.  This allows for a more informed public, and the ability for a person to find the best place to get their coffee.

This has applications within the education system as well.  There are reviews on teachers, classes, public schools, and more, written by reviewers such as: parents, students, staff, etc.  We live in the Wikipedia age, in which it is normal for people to contribute information instead of passively receiving content.  I find Web 2.o more useful to education, from a student perspective, because I am able to be more involved in learning the content.  As a student, I am able to discuss and learn from other students about a specific subject.  This allows for more in-depth discussions, research, and learning.

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