My first though when learning about PWP, was the astonishment that I could create my own.  My prior experiences had been through the typical MySpace, Livejournal, and Facebook--all websites that tell you where to write, what to write and the places to upload everything.  People attempt to individualize their own page, but when boiled down, it is all the same design.  This is why the idea of creating something truly unique and original boggled my mind, but in such a great way!  (I'll still be playing with ways to update or edit this website!)

Here were some questions asked of me by my professor in regards to PWP.

  1. What PWP of an educator do you feel do a good job of representing him or her?   
  2. What do you like about their PWP?
  3. What do you think could be improved?
  4. How do you feel this person chose to represent themselves on the Web? Is the PWP professional, personal, or both?
  5. What features of this PWP would you copy, and which ones would you change?

Here are my thoughtful

1)- I haven't seen a professional PWP of an educator that I thought embodied or represented him or her well.  The reason behind that is because the page is normally a small blurb and a way to contact him or her; also, the PWP is not their own but part of a parent website (district, county, school, etc.).  I actually searched all prior teachers that I knew, and I couldn't find a good PWP that was their own.  Literally, I searched to find educators I know and see their own website...nothing.  However, the question just said PWP and not requiring it to be professional, so the best I have seen is a Facebook page for, let's call her B.

2)-What I did like about B's PWP was her photos, quotes, and summaries.  It helped bring an individualization to a generic Facebook page.

3) I think her page could use more background information into her work history.  The page is mostly set in the present, and does not contain much information into her past jobs or roles.

4)- As stated before, this PWP was definitely personal and not professional.

5)- The features I would like to copy would be the witty quotes, summaries, and status posts that cover her page.  The unique photos that seem to summarize her personality completely, would be another feature I wish I could have on my PWP.  What I would change on her PWP would be to add in more depth and layers to her background.  That is why I've added a Resume tab on my PWP, to help showcase where I have been and what I have done.

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    My name is Kelley Kill.  I'm 26 years old, and living within the San Francisco Bay Area.  Happily working as an Adapted Physical Education Teacher, and gleefully attempting to get my Masters in Kinesiology from Fresno Pacific University.


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