How can statistics be helpful in sports and physical education...math belongs in math class!  Well, the truth is, that statistics and analyzing data can be very important in sports and teaching.  Statistics is constantly used in all sports, when evaluating and analyzing how an athlete or team is doing.  Think about all the data about football teams.  How they perform away vs. home?  Amount of touchdown, field goals, or overall points normally given to a specific team?  Same can be said about baseball, bowling, swimming, etc.

In physical education teaching, data analysis is always needed to prove what a student does or does not know.  The data is important for the teacher to understand what the concepts he or she must re-teach, because most students are not comprehending specific concepts.  From my special education standpoint, data is essential  to teaching students with special needs.  Data to track a student's behavior (ABC chart) or data surrounding a student's progress with activities tailored to help a student reach his or her Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals.  I personally use data a lot, because I am an Adapted Physical Education Specialist, and I need to keep track which students are progressing and those that are not.  This allows me to change activities, strategies, etc. to help engage and enhance student learning.  Listed below are links that can help anyone understand or utilize data analysis, a.k.a Statistics.






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    My name is Kelley Kill.  I'm 26 years old, and living within the San Francisco Bay Area.  Happily working as an Adapted Physical Education Teacher, and gleefully attempting to get my Masters in Kinesiology from Fresno Pacific University.


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